Exploring sport coaching and psychology


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Bit fuzzy – my early teaching days

I have recently finished a free Open University course; Exploring sport coaching and psychology. It has been really interesting. It is only a short course 24 hours of study and it’s all online. You can learn in your own time over many months. I started in October last year and have done a little bit each week, with some long breaks in-between.

My karate is not a sport, but an art. We don’t enter competitions or have any sparring. Although this course is focused on sport, I think many of the ideas translate over. It certainly got me thinking of how I teach and what ideas I could use to help students. It has also helped me feel more confident about the way that I teach, as I am already using some of the techniques.

I particularly liked the C technique and the collaborative approach between teacher and student. Mostly because I always get told not to let kids talk too much. I have always believed that teaching is a team effort between student and teacher to find the approach that works for that student.

Quote from the website:

The course is also supported and strongly recommended by UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK). Whether you’re just starting out or have been coaching for many years you will learn new skills and demonstrate that you have been proactive in your professional development.