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So it’s been over a year since my last post. I am planning to resume posting to this blog after some encouragement from seeing my own words from my crying post in a fantastic ebook ‘How to Market Your Dojo to Women’ by Kai Morgan. If you are teaching women martial art you should really check it out. I’ve only skim read it so far but it has lots of good information, that I’ve had floating around in my head for some time now.

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Me with Jesse Enkamp doing the crane on the rock stance

This year should be very interesting and exciting with an increase in my teaching responsibilities and more clarity in my understanding of my art. Things are really starting to make sense now and I can work out my own applications. Last October I went to the first UK seminar with Jesse Enkamp. A favourite blogger of mine and the creator of the Seishin Gi of which I am now the proud owner.  More to come on this. I may be going to another in March. I am also going to a seminar run by Andi Kidd & John Titchen in couple of weeks. John Tichen is another blogger I follow who has a lot of useful information about habitual acts of violence, de-escalation and the law.


An absolute favourite blogger of mine has also started posting again. A Mr Charles C. Gooding is a Karate researcher and writer, and the head of the Hawaii Karate Museum.  He posted this recently

Let us all train sincerely.  My senior friend James Miyaji often told me that Karate training is like boiling water — if you remove the heat it the water will become cold.  I believe that Gichin Funakoshi also said this, but regardless of the source, it is a good and true saying.  Karate cannot only be something you think about… it must be something you do (in your daily life).

I couldn’t agree more.

SAM_2591For Christmas I got these two books Training Women in the Martial Arts by Jennifer Lawler & Laura Kamienski and The Way of Sanchin Kata by Kris Wilder. Again I have only skim read them but I think they contain some really useful information. Sanchin that means three battles. most commonly associated with the phrase ‘mind, body and spirit’ is a kata that means a great deal to me. I have used it as a title for a new group on facebook, Sanchin – Yin, posting self defence advice for women in these areas. Not much on there at the moment but would love to see some of you there. More to come on these.

I also discovered a database for female martial artists, which I think people should register on, although I’m a little dubious about their promotion angle. Will write something more in depth about it at some point. Check out my profile here.